The Panamanian Jungle.

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One 6 hour 40 minute red eye flight into Panama city from LAX, followed by a 6 hour layover, then a 45 minute flight into Bocas del Toro from Panama City, and finally a boat ride to Red frog bungalows, where we were greeted by our surf guide Scott. It was a long day of traveling to say the least, but was worth it once we arrived. The warm weather was a very nice thing to feel after being in California, even though it may have made it a bit harder to sleep. We were greeted the next day by tropical weather, warm ocean water, and flawless offshore overhead conditions. We were at a wave called Paunch, a reef break. It was a great start to the ten day trip we had ahead of us. And apparently the waves were just supposed to get better, which was a great thing to hear. Later that day we met the owner of the resort, Scott who turned out to be our surf guide and host that we got to hangout and surf with a lot. He knew just about everything about the conditions of the surf, wind, and tide, and would crack jokes with us at the same time.

Everyday there were waves, and Tuesday was the best beach break that I have seen in my life. Everywhere I looked there was spitting barrels, and nearly no one was out either, which blew my mind. It was heavy, breaking on these perfect sandbars. I was stoked to say the least, and paddled out. Everything was great, until I broke my board on my 5th wave. I brought another board down to the beach, but it was my last board for the trip. It was to good not to paddle back out. We surfed for about 6 hours, everyone was going nuts over how good it was. After a long day of perfect waves, beatings, and sunburns we headed back into town. We stopped back in town for some burritos and tacos, then took the boat ride back to Red Frog. It was a great day of surfing, and made all the traveling worth it.




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