Coming back

Last week has been interesting. I’m still not used to the cold weather nor the small, windy, waves. Every time I jump in to the water, it feels freezing, and can only think of the warm water that I took for granted just the other week. It’s funny because before I went on the trip, the water felt absolutely fine, and now that I’m back, it still feels a bit chilly, even after surfing many times since. Luckily, summer is right around the corner, and the water warms up then, but the waves also end up getting a lot smaller in Santa Barbara. A drive to Ventura or up the coast is a necessary thing most days to get any sort of waves, but the drive is worth it.

It’s weird because it felt like I was in Panama for a lot longer than 10 days, but now that I am back it feels like it was shorter, and it also feels like it was longer than just two weeks ago. I definitely miss it, and I was really stoked to meet a lot of new people through surfing. The place we were staying was relatively small, so there wasn’t too many people there, which is nice because you get a chance to really talk to the people and see who they are. By chance, there was also a lot of surfers there that I looked up to and always saw pictures of in surfing magazines and such, which was a crazy surprise after getting off the long plane flight. Scott, our surf guide, told us the epic conditions we had coming our way, and now I really wish that I could have some more of those conditions compared to what it is like here in Santa Barbara.

Coming back to Santa Barbara was a great feeling, but I sure do wish that the weather was as warm as Panama, along with the amazing conditions of the surf. Besides being behind on school work and missing a few days, I would say it was worth the long travels and the longer stay. IMG_0707 Very small conditions in Santa Barbara

Fun days in Panama.IMG_0555IMG_0608

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