Heavy winds greeted us as we pulled up to the beach. Adam, Jeff, Dane and I got out of the truck and took a long look at the conditions. It was swirling around and constantly was switching directions. The four of us sat in the truck and waited until we saw a few clean waves roll in. There was no one out and the cold wind kept it like that for the rest of the session. After the first session,we headed up the beach to a different spot because it looked better up there. We were pleasantly surprised when no one was out there either, and the waves were quite a bit better. After a short session there, we had numb feet and were ready to hop in the truck and change out of our soaking wetsuits. We stopped by Jeff’s house which was just up a dirt road, rinsed off and changed. We then headed up the mountains, to explore some caves and the peak. As we headed up farther and farther the dirt road became less and more brush over coming the road. It was also very narrow, with sharp turns every so often too. Four wheel drive was very necessary, and it was a good thing we had it. The view as we got farther up just kept becoming better.

As we reached the top of the mountain, we ran up the hill, even though the strong gusts of wind pushed us back. The first glance was an amazing view of all the grassy hills, and a peak of the ocean as well. There were also these little caves on the mountain that varied in size. Some were large enough to walk in, and others were barely big enough to sit inside of. It is really cool to see that there are places so undeveloped and there can be no people or cars around, even when you can see miles and miles of land. The terrain was one of a kind, and I can’t wait to head back up to that spot and other places similar to it.

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