Friday afternoon, Shani, Adam and I headed up to the mountains after school, from Adam’s house. We headed up Gibraltar road, which lead us farther up. The view kept getting better the farther we went along the road. We pulled over into the dirt and went to a well known place, the Gibraltar rock. We walked up and there was a little natural rock seat right on the edge of the cliff, one that I remembered from a previous time. Shani and Adam had left and I stayed back and took a few photos and enjoyed the view. I headed back to my truck, but when I arrived they weren’t there. My intention was to drive farther up and then find a place to climb up, but I heard Adam and Shani calling my name from afar, so I ran up the other side of the mountain, from where I could hear their faint voices. I climbed up the trail that eventually just turned into rocks, but it lead me to a huge rock that Adam and Shani were on the other side of. I followed them up the side of the rock and pretty soon we were looking way down on the rock we were on in the beginning. We decided to go farther up, because we spotted a trail that lead up to a lookout spot. We went to the top of the trail and the view was quite nice, with the sunset against the ocean and the fog coming down from the mountains. After a while of catching our breath and enjoying the view we decided to head back down and call it a day.

Saturday I woke up at 3:30 in the morning, and headed down to Oceanside with my dad for a surf contest at DMJ’s, which is on camp Pendleton. We arrived at around seven in the morning, and my heat was at seven twenty. The waves were very small, and it was raining which was very unexpected. I ended up losing early but I wasn’t very frustrated because the conditions were not good at all.

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